David Garrett — SUPERSTAR

  • Marian Aleksandra
  • 02.08.2016
  • Anastasia Mak-Mak David Garrett — SUPERSTAR.

    Prince of violin music, a brilliant musician and composer, virtuoso. Possession instrument in harmony with the charming appearance, a unique talent to penetrate deeply into the very essence of the music, with magnificent improvisations fascinate, listening to his excellent performance results my heart tremble. The manner of execution is awesome, he presents such a pitch, with a temperament, technique, charm, craftsmanship that he has no equal — The violin in his hands it sounds divine, simply fascinating. True gentleman both on stage and in life, notes comments, having a noble heart and soul, pleases the admirers of his talent, gives autographs. His concerts and execution = holiday bright music and an unforgettable spectacle! The delight and adoration.

    Collage https://www.instagram.com/yoshiko3meow/



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