• Marian Aleksandra
  • 15.07.2016
  • Prayer

    Lord, I’m not praying for miracles and visions,
    I’m only asking for power for my days.
    Teach me the art of small steps!
    Make me clever and witty among the diversity of days
    to be able to record important recognitions and
    Help me prioritize to use my time accurately!
    Present me with safe senses to be able to judge
    whether a thing is first rank or second rank priority!
    I pray for power for discipline and moderation, not only to
    run through my life, but also to live my days reasonably, and
    observe unexpected pleasures and heights!
    Save me from the naive belief that everything goes smoothly in life!
    Present me with the sober recognition that difficulties,
    failures, fiascos, set-backs are additional elements given
    by life itself that make us grow and mature.
    Send a person to me in the right moment who has enough
    courage and love to utter the truth!
    We do not say the truth to ourselves,
    others say that to us.
    I know that many problems get solved by themselves without doing anything.
    Please help me to be able to wait!
    You are the one who knows how much we need courage.
    Make me worthy for the nicest, hardest, riskiest
    and most fragile gifts of life!
    Present me with enough fantasy to be able to mediate a little bit of charity,
    in the right place, on the right time,
    with or without words!
    Spare me from the fear of letting life slip!
    Do not give me only things I desire, give me things I need as well!
    Teach me the art of small steps!


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