16/12/2016 David Garrett and the audience in Kiev, Ukraine. The Review of the Show.

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  • 15.01.2017
  • I was thinking a lot what to write about and came to the conclusion that I will not describe crystal sounds, swings of the fiddlestick and inspired smile. What’s for? It would be the same as trying to describe the sunlight, summer rain and bird’s fly. You should feel it, see it with your eyes, hear it live because the video records do not show even a tiny piece of that charisma and magnetic attraction David Garrett has got. He is genius. The unique phenomenon of our days we are happy to witness live at his shows. That’s why I keep telling anyone all the time that you should go to his concert and see him on your own. It’s an indescribable pleasure! Anyway, I have to write something as I have a lot of requests for that and I really want to share my emotions in a written form, so I will write about the emotions David changed with the audience during his concert in Kiev, Ukraine. I am very grateful to Nataliia Zabara who was a little bit late for the show and as a result we have a real treasure – the video of David preparing to go to the hall. At first sight he is not nervous at all, he is changing some jokes with Jorg, but there is some tension in him we can see. The audience is unknown to him and you don’t know how they will react. And his traditional appearance at the hall caused the traditional reaction – the audience applauded him and even screamed a little bit. They did not leave their seats in order to get closer to him and did not throw the lingerie at him, but they applauded very very loudly. So loudly that David was saying his greetings to the audience with his eyes wide open and happy smile on his face. Maybe at this very moment David had not any hesitations that the show would be successful. And he was right as some of the spectators applauded till they had bruises on their hands. As far as I understand we did not surprise David with our flashmob. Our flyers were taken before the show to be confirmed and approved by David and his management. So probably David asked what was printed there and maybe the translation how to use the flyer was made for him. Our flashmob was like that. We expected David playing Viva La Vida and decided to prepare the flashmob based on his video of this tune where David takes part at Holi Festival of Colors. So we decided to make Holi Festival at the venue and made rainbow flyers which we gave to the spectators of the show and which they had to wave above their heads at the show while Viva La Vida was on. At first chords of this tune the hall was full of hands with rainbow flyers, David was smiling and nodded as if he wanted to say “I know about it and I like it!” Maybe David was thinking about some timing at the show, but he did not succeed in that. From the first seconds of the concert the audience was unstoppable, the spectators applauded before and after compositions and the applause took so much time that David was bowing and smiling happily and even could not find words to calm the audience down. I can not count how many times he repeated: “Thank you! Thank you very much! Please, that’s enough! Its not a closing part, there will be music!»

    The Kiev audience almost made David cry. David was wiping his tears of happiness while he was trying to calm the audience down. It is in a trend nowadays to write that the artist was not good at something at the show. David was not good at something in Kiev too. He failed with such a thing as introducing classical pieces he was playing to the audience and showing them that classical music is interesting too. Yes, he played planned small classical pieces, but the reaction of the audience was not exactly that one he expected to be, and it surprised David in a good way. From very first chords the audience started to applaud and when David stopped the spectators calmed down, not immediately, a little bit disappointed as if they wanted to say to David “Please, don’t stop!”

    And when David started playing Tchaikovsky there was such a great applause and cheering that David almost stumbled. It seemed as if the wave of the audience’s admiration would carry him away from the stage. Furthermore, the spectators stood up and were listening standing. David and his band were not just in a shock; David had tears in his eyes. The ovation lasted about ten minutes. David was walking on the stage smiling and asked people to take their seats. Every member of his band smiled too, even Jeff Allan. Marcus threw mediators to the crowd and Franck was laughing half of the show.

    During the intermission David had time to calm down, but his calmness did not last long. The audience kept being active – several times they stood up to listen to his music. Then ladies, one by one, approached to the stage and left the flowers there for David. There was one funny moment. The lady with two children, the boy of 7 and the girl of 3, approached to the stage. Every child had one booklet in their hands. The lady lifted the boy who left the flowers, and then she lifted the girl. At this very moment David was down on his knee and said to that little girl:” «Hi! Do you like music?» The child smiled happily to David, and he said to the audience:”: « Ah! She smiles! She likes it! And it’s good!

    Leaving flowers on stage did not stop. People with flowers were coming and coming. The audience made the fan zone before the stage. They were standing and looking with enthusiasm at David. David asked everyone to take their seats again because the concert had not been over yet. That did not help. Some of them took their seats, some of them sat on the floor. And at this very moment I turned back and looked at the balcony. The spectators, sitting on the balcony, stood up and approached to the edge of the balcony. I had the feeling that the balcony would fall down! They kept standing until the end of the show.

    Of course, David was playing in the hall too, before the fan zone appeared. No one attempted to get closer to David, the spectators were recording only on their cell phones and cameras. The bodyguards worked well. They persuaded politely those who wanted to go on stage to leave this idea.

    One encore was not enough for the audience of Kiev. They had been standing for 10 minutes screaming; ‘David! David!” , expecting him to come again. And they started to leave the venue only when Jeff Allan came very quietly to take his guitar away. Then Marcus took his instruments away. Then Franck went out and was confused a little bit. And persistent spectators (there were at least 50 people who were standing near the stage) applauded him. And very kind Franck, down on his knees, gave signatures. It is very good that he does not understand Russian, because I heard the conversation of two teenage girls: “ We’ve got signatures! He is so sweet! We need to google who he is!” I was furious at first, but then I decided that it’s a good idea, they will get to know him and his works. But I did not have time to stand and wait because I lost my son in the crowd and we had to go to the meet and greet. And he had my gift for David, and I had his cell phone. But that’s another story….


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